FluxVision WMS

3PL Warehouse Management Software Solution in cloud

3PL Warehouse Management Software Solution

Accurate metering and billing services for contractors are a key elements for any 3PL logistics operator. FluxVision transforms warehouse operations in simple, intuitive and paperless operations based on barcode identification. FluxVision WMS has a wide range of functionalities designed to solve the challenges of logistics operators.

3PL Warehouse Management Software Solution


Over 85 operating parameters

These operating parameters are organized by six hierarchical levels, their configuration is made depending on generic or specific rules and exceptions where appropriate.

50 types of recorded logistic services

The measurement unit is the basic unit for the count, or you can use alternative units such as mass or volume of products.

Customizable interface for mobile terminals

The interface can be both customized at user and company level.

Messaging and working instructions on handheld devices

You can define user-specific work instructions according to the type of operation, administration, or third-party product.

Make sure your WMS software helps you take advantage of all the opportunities generated by the 3PL industry development.

[eBook] “The 3PL industry development”

The 3PL industry development

Benefits of FluxVision 3PL Warehouse Management Software Solution

Users cand enjoy 9 big advantages of using FluxVision

Software FluxVision WMS. Maparea exactă a contractelor cu clienții

The exact mapping of customer contracts

WMS Software Romania

Accurate recording of all services performed

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Changing the rules in the system at no additional cost

Costuri mici ERP

Reducing administrative and operating costs in the warehouse

WMS Software Romania

Reducing errors caused by warehouse operators

FluxVision WMS Software

Reducing order processing time

WMS Software Romania

Viewing information in real time

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Eliminating redundant transactions

FluxVision WMS Software

Increasing customer/contractor satisfaction

Pay what you use, not a penny more.

Now you can determine your monthly fee based on the number of operations.

Incoming pallets: 300


Outgoing pallets: 500


Picking order lines: 1500


Average number of pallets in stock: 700


Cross-docking pallets: 0


Total: 500 €/month

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