WiData Inventory

The #1 cloud-based inventory management system

Get maximum precision in just 3 steps!

Get maximum precision in just 3 steps without additional costs

WiData Inventory is the best inventory management system – easy to understand, affordable and adaptable to the needs of your business.

WiData Inventory takes just 3 steps:

  1. upload your inventory list
  2. scan the SKUs/items
  3. view reports and export results

Quick scanning allows you to reduce the time spent on identifying and locating stocks.

Through our partners, we offer the possibility of renting the equipment.

WiData Inventory – Inventory process automation

You get a powerful cloud-based inventory solution for a low monthly rate based on the number of users and the SKUs/items you have. No setup fees, no licenses, no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.


Cloud open service

The application has an open standard interface (API).

Data available in real-time

No risks of data leaks as in the old off-line applications.

Flexible data structures

Users can define and save any sets of data, with customized flows for data read.

Available on any device

The front-end can be accessed from any device running a telnet client (from industrial computers to smartphones).


Everything is encrypted and secured. Data is not saved locally but on server side.

Accessible from any location

WiData is accessible from any location where WiFi or GPRS internet is available.

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