The first cloud service for on-field data collection

Only 10 €/user/month

Maximum flexibility.
No upfront investments.
No additional infrastructure.

WiData is a data collection solution developed to automate data collection from various sources. Maximum flexibility, no upfront investments and no additional infrastructure!

WiData provides a set of predefined data collection streams for the most common operations. By scanning the barcodes, you can monitor the prices of products in the store, the agents on certain routes, the material movements or the production machinery.
In addition to these streams, each customer can define its own structure or data collection flow.

What makes WiData special?

Available on any device!
The front-end can be accessed from any device running a telnet client.

It integrates with any system
It interfaces with any ERP or WMS solution.

Data is secured.
Data is not saved locally but on server side and the access is secured.

Pay for what you use!
Being a subscription based service (only 10 € / month / user), there are no licensing costs.


Cloud open service

The application has an open standard interface (API).

Data available in real-time

No risks of data leaks as in the old off-line applications.

Flexible data structures

Users can define and save any sets of data, with customized flows for data read.

Accessible from any location

WiData is accessible from any location where internet on WiFi or GPRS is available.

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