FluxVision WMS for Retail

The ultimate warehouse management solution with advanced functionality for the retail industry

No license fees. No upfront investments. Seamless implementation and integration!

The ultimate warehouse management solution with advanced functionality for the retail industry

Retail is more vivid and more dynamic than ever. By using the FluxVision WMS for Retail solution, traders will be able to reduce inventory while reducing the number of products without inventory and delays in order processing.

FluxVision WMS Software for Retail

The warehouse management system ensures visibility by tracking all the operations that take place in the warehouse, from the time the orders are received and until they are shipped. This allows traders to respond more quickly to changes, manage the product lifecycle more efficiently and reduce the surplus, ensuring on-time delivery of customer orders.


Quick deployment

The high level of configurability allows customers who opt for FluxVision WMS to be operational in the shortest time possible.

Easy setup

With over 100 editable functional parameters, FluxVision WMS can be set directly by the client.

Real-time guidance

The warehouse operators are guided in real-time through the WiData module running on any mobile device.

Cloud WMS software

IT infrastructure costs are reduced, as the application is accessible from any laptop, PC or tablet with an Internet access from any location.


FluxVision WMS Software

Optimizing the movement of goods in the warehouse

WMS Software Romania

Monitoring stocks and orders in real time

Wisoft Professional Services - WMS Software Inventariere Colectare date depozite

Optimizing the picking process

WMS Software Romania

Optimizing the use of workforce

WMS Software Romania

Eliminating overstock and out-of-stock situations

Reducing the number of backorders

Software FluxVision WMS. Maparea exactă a contractelor cu clienții

Integration with warehouse equipment (handheld, automatic picking systems)

Increasing customer satisfaction

FluxVision WMS Software

Fast integration with any ERP system (natively integrated with SocrateCloud)

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