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The pressure on logistics companies from customers is growing. To meet the challenges and demands of customers, but also to stay competitive while delivering quality services, you need smart automation solutions to help you not only deliver your orders on time, but also anticipate and deliver. easily adapt to the ever-changing demand.


Logistics automation is booming because it meets current needs: it replaces the operator, which is sometimes difficult to find, certify and maintain, reduces operational cost and increases efficiency. The purpose of automation in the movement of goods is to eliminate unnecessary operations and to make repetitive ones more efficient.


FluxVision is the most flexible WMS system on the market. Being an open system in the cloud, it allows integration via API with any system or device that is used in the repository, thus offering the highest degree of automation and configurability you can achieve. All workflows can be automated and configurable. The application provides over 100 functional parameters for configuring processes.


One of the most recent integrations is the one with SAP, for one of our clients, an important logistics services operator, which has as final clients big names of producers of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. This integration covers the need to place orders for warehouses directly by the SAP customer. The end customer enters the order in SAP, FluxVision processes it and automatically responds to SAP with the delivery notice.


The opening through the API also allowed our customers to integrate with Emag Marketplace and other ecommerce platforms, which led to the automation of taking orders from multiple sources. FluxVision transmits information about the existing stock, and vice versa, from the ecommerce platforms and the marketplace enter the orders, to which the WMS system responds with a delivery notice and AWB courier.


From the case study below, you can learn how FluxVision WMS has optimized storage space and improved delivery time for Select Auto, one of the largest importers and distributors of auto repair tools and equipment with over 50,000 customers. in all the country.


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