An innovative cloud WMS software solution

Select Auto, one of the largest importers and distributors of tools and equipment for car repairs, with over 50,000 customers across the country, has implemented ERP and WMS solutions, in the cloud, from BITSoftware.

“With SocrateCloud ERP and FluxVision WMS, everything is measurable, and this is a very important aspect for us. In the 9 months that we have been using both solutions, we have delivered 252,000 items and we have not had any errors, we have simply eliminated human error. If before we needed 3-4 months to train an operator in the warehouse, to integrate him into work, now we are talking about 3-4 days. We optimized the storage space by 30%. Delivery time has improved by 25% and with the same staff we manage to do 30% more.” – Radu Buda, general Manager Select Auto

WMS Software Romania

Automatic management of all the storage activities, no matter of the size or number of your warehouses.

FluxVision WMS is a key component for efficient warehouse management and inventory optimization. This warehouse management solution manages all operations, from receiving to delivery.

Our solution transforms all warehouse operations into simple, intuitive and paperless activities, based on barcode identification.

Increase productivity by automating logistics processes

Reduce storage and handling costs

Decrease the processing time of orders

Reduce the number of customer complaints and returns

What makes FluxVision WMS special?

Fast Implementation
The high degree of configurability allows our clients to become operational more quickly.

Easy Configuration
The over 85 parameters allow customers to make their own settings.

Real-time guidance
No more time loss for the warehouse operators.


WMS Software Romania

Flexible pricing

Being a subscription based service, there are no licensing costs.

WMS Software Romania

Open platform

The open API allows FluxVision to exchange data with any other software solution.

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Real-time operation

Real-time key performance indicators and activity control allow proactive measures in the warehouse.

WMS Software Romania

Total stock visibility

Our solution provides complete visibility into stocks, in any location, in real time.

Wisoft Professional Services - WMS Software Inventariere Colectare date depozite

Secured access

Being certified as secured, the system ensures the security and integrity of all the data. Only secured protocols are used.

Wisoft Professional Services - WMS Software Inventariere Colectare date depozite

Accessible anywhere

The application can be accessed from any PC, laptop or tablet connected to the internet, worldwide.



Use a high-performance warehouse management system that allows you to automate all the processes in the warehouse, such as the flow of receipts and deliveries or inventory of products.


Reduce stocks,
the number of products out of stock,,
delays in order processing.
Track all operations that take place in the warehouse from taking orders to shipping.

3PL Providers

monitor and bill
logistics services
provided to service contractors.
Turn all warehouse operations
into simple, intuitive,
paperless operations.


Manage and track raw materials and subassemblies, optimize the flow of materials through the production hall, automate and monitor quality control processes. Increase efficiency.

Ask for a quotation

Pay what you use, not a penny more.

Now you can determine your monthly fee.

 Based on the number of operations.

Incoming pallets: 300


Outgoing pallets: 500


Picking order lines: 1500


Average number of pallets in stock: 700


Cross-docking pallets: 0


Total: 500 €/month

Based on the number of delivery orders.

Delivery orders: 25000


Total: 500 €/month

Based on the number of users.

Users: 10


Total: 700 €/month