Consultancy and Implementation

FluxVision WMS Implementation – WMS Consultancy – SocrateCloud ERP Implementation

FluxVision WMS Implementation

There are two key elements that ensure the success of a WMS project: the product and the implementation. By its design, structure and functionality FluxVision provides all the necessary elements for any business to benefit from a flexible, scalable and easy to maintain solution. Our specialists ensure a smooth implementation to help you use our solution at full capacity.


The FluxVision implementation process is defined by the following characteristics:

Our consultants have an extensive experience in business analysis and mapping logistic processes.

The client’s Logistics Department should be actively involved in the implementation process, through-out all steps: analysis, specs, configuration and testing.

All departments that are part of the document and reporting flows should be involved in the validation process.

The client should be willing to adjust its processes according to existing standards designed to control and streamline its business.

WMS Consultancy

The implementation of a software solution is a strategic investment and it’s not an easily made decision, as there are several variables to take into account in the process: choosing the right moment, the budget, understanding the benefits a WMS solution bring to the table, the ROI, choosing the right WMS solution and so on.

If you need help with selecting the right WMS software solution, you should consult a specialist, who can find the best solution for you ans also optimize your business processes before the implementation.

The implementation of a WMS solution requires a top to bottom analysis of a business, meaning starting from the main activities and going further into all the details all the flows of goods, documents and information within the company and also with it’s partners.

There are some key questions that must be answered in order to determine the main features of a solution that insures full functional coverage:

  • Are we going to provide 3rd party logistic services?
  • Will we offer franchise or warehouse rental?
  • Do we need to integrate several warehouse in an automated distribution chain?
  • Will the business and its operations change over time?
  • Do we need to integrate our WMS with other software solutions?

The answers to such questions determine the main direction and the subsets of details that need to be clarified. Everything is documented and a complete functional specification is provided in order to support the next step: choosing the best solution.

SocrateCloud ERP Implementation

SocrateCloud is a cloud Open Business Platform developed by BITSoftware, our partners, with over 22 years of experience in developing and implementing business solutions.

SocrateCloud allows companies to leverage state-of-the-art ERP & CRM & BI functionalities and engines and develop custom applications.

Due to business complexity, ERP systems have also become complex and include rich functionality. For a company that wants to use an ERP system, quality, functionalities and the implementation process are very important.

Our team of experts offers high quality services to insure smooth implementation process and the best results to accomplish the company’s objectives.

The analysis of the business processes

The configuration of the ERP solutions according to the needs

Plan the implementation project

Design and configuration of the ERP solution according to the Business Analysis

Present the system design according to the business processes contained in the review document

Training users to easily use the ERP system

Pilot-project to test the coverage of all business flows

Go Live – the implementation expert ensures an on-site presence and supports users in exploiting the ERP system

The implementation services address both end users that exploit SocrateCloud and application administrators that have to provide internal support to end users.

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