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The success of distribution companies depends on the accuracy of the information made available to the management, on the cost control and customer satisfaction.

Permanent customer pressure requires the deployment and use of a warehouse management system to automate the processes of receiving, delivering and inventory operations.

Numerous ERP and WMS deployments have helped us to discover along with our customers details about customized workflows in the distribution industry so that we now have an overview of supply activities that allow us to perfectly understand the needs of distribution companies.

FluxVision WMS for distribution is an advanced solution for managing all the activities within the warehouse, with the main objective of making these activities more efficient. The system is developed on the latest technology and is natively integrated with SocrateCloud, the business platform that provides an economic management solution – ERP, Customer Relationship Management – CRM and Business Intelligence – BI, easy to use that supports business performance.

FluxVision WMS, the dedicated warehouse management solution for distribution networks, provides operational control and decision support.

With the FluxVision WMS solution, distribution companies manage to optimize:

  1. Warehouse chain management: the centralized management of all types of warehouses: distribution centers, regional warehouses, large local warehouses, small local warehouses.
  2. Traceability: traceability in the batch distribution chain, but also in the unique numerical series.
  3. Order management: vendor orders, customer orders, internal transfers, returns, and order status reporting in real time.
  4. Stock management: Full stock reporting in real time.
  5. Efficiency of operations: increasing the efficiency of warehouse workers through real-time coordination with mobile computers.
  6. Scalability: the ability to expand the system’s managed warehouse network, or to modify the structure of existing warehouses in the software with physical changes.
  7. Increased applicability: the ability to manage various types of commodities, shelves, or integration with dedicated electronic devices (scales, volumetric measurements, conveyor belts, etc.)
  8. Decision Support: Analysis, reporting and monitoring of 360 degrees of deposits and performance indicators.


WIPS – The WMS solution wizard

With over 15 years of experience in WMS solutions, WiSoft Professional Services Coordinator, Tiberiu Pfiszter, has been an active participant and co-founder of some active profile companies and is currently on the Romanian market. FluxVision WMS combines the experience of many classic WMS solutions applied in dozens of locations across multiple countries with the performance and benefits of the cloud platform.

WIPS is a development partner of BITSoftware, a company that since 1993 develops and implements ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

FluxVision is recognized for its ease of deployment, flexibility, scalability and security, covering all the functionality required for storage within a distribution network.

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