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In recent years, the logistics services sector experienced a significant increase, influenced by consumption and production. In Romania, the logistics market will continue to grow in 2017, generating around 2 billion per year. With this development, logistics operators must ensure they have all the necessary levers and all the necessary means to face the challenges.

Choosing the right WMS solution tailored for logistics operators can change everything and can propel you over competitors. A flexible, scalable and efficient WMS system will have a significant input and will produce long-term benefits.

The purpose of this eBook is to give an overview about the software solutions dedicated to the 3PL operators, the criteria that must keep in mind when choosing the right WMS solution to optimize your operations and to efficiently run your warehouse.


  • How to choose the most suitable WMS?
  • Customizing documents and labels
  • Integration with business systems and other equipment
  • Metering and billing services customized according to customer
  • The Challenges logistics operators are facing
  • What makes FluxVision different from other solutions on the market?
  • Over 85 editable operating parameters
  • 50 types of configurable logistics services automatically recorded
  • Customizable interface for mobile terminals
  • Messaging and working instructions on mobile
  • How do we implement the chosen WMS solution?
  • What reports can we generate from FluxVision?

Make sure your WMS software helps you take advantage of all the opportunities in the context of the development of logistics services sector!

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