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Few industries are as complex as retail. Merchants must always have the right stocks at hand to be able to cover customer orders, without being able to honor orders or to fail to honor them on time. In addition, they must be able to handle the receipt of orders through a variety of channels as well as their delivery. The role of software systems is to manage all the head-to-head process and to ensure that everything goes smoothly, without interruption and headaches.

Here are some requirements for WMS retail-oriented solution.

Multi-channel order fulfillment

Retailers receive orders from customers through a variety of channels: brick and mortar stores, online stores, web platforms and more. FluxVision WMS helps merchants better track their inventories, keep them up-to-date and better organize their supply.

Real-time inventory

In order to know what they can sell, traders need to know at every moment what products they have on stock. Merchants need a real-time view of the inventory in all locations of the warehouse to properly take over and honor orders.

Smart inventory management means the ability to adapt to consumer commands. The WMS must allow changing the type of picking as needed, as well as route adaptation, so as to gain time in collecting and fulfilling orders.

Reports and data analysis

Retail, as well as distribution, may be affected by the seasonality of orders. For this, traders must know at any time what, how and when they are ordered to be able to prepare and adjust their supply on demand.

Data and reports in WMS help make it easier to analyze the activity, but also generate consumption forecasts for all channels used and marketed products. Demand planning and fast response enable traders to carry out a smoother operation and meet all customer requirements.

Integration with e-commerce platforms

The future of retail is complicated, and retailers have to adapt to times and requirements and sell their products on all the channels that technology puts at their disposal. A WMS solution needs to be flexible and responsive to all requirements and to handle all orders on time, whether they come from physical stores, online stores, or via e-commerce platforms.

Easy integration with other software solutions

Integrated with SocrateERP, the retail solution, FluxVision WMS helps merchants manage all sales processes, regardless of the sales channels used: physical stores, online stores, external online trading platforms, and more. Front-end integration with e-Commerce, POS, handhelds and electronic scales efficiently manages all retail business.

Flexibility and scalability

Retail businesses need flexible and scalable software solutions. You never know when they will need a new deposit to cover demand or new types of warehouses and services for seasonal demands.

There is no reason not to choose a WMS system that fully meets the needs of retail businesses.

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