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In recent years, the logistics services sector in Romania experienced a significant increase, being influenced by increased consumption, but production. In Romania, the logistics market will continue to grow in 2017, generating around 2 billion EUR per year.

The biggest challenges 3PL providers are facing are infrastructure, warehouses and staff.

Infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges that logistics and transport operators are facing. The transit time and the lack of adequate investments in infrastructure, put an increasing pressure on loading, unloading, handling, to comply with the shorter deadlines required by the customer.

The warehouse infrastructure is another challenge because there is a lack of storage facilities ready for rent, therefore logistics companies are forced to invest in their construction. Renting would not be profitable either because most logistics operators have long-term ongoing contracts and the construction of their own storage spaces is more advantageous.

As in other industries, representatives of 3PLs are faced with an acute staff shortage. There are difficulties in finding skilled and unskilled staff, and retention of employees is a challenge for most of the companies in the industry.

The crisis also generated an acute desire to reduce costs and implicitly stocks, which made the balance to tilt towards small parties transportation and just in time delivery. This involves besides investments in storage facilities and equipment, investment in business software solutions to streamline storage operations, so that they can meet the deadlines imposed by the customer and also reduce costs.

FluxVision transforms warehouse operations into simple, inttuitive and paperless operations, based on barcode reading identification. FluxVision WMS has a wide range of functionalities designed to solve the challenges of 3PL operators.

What makes FluxVision different from other WMS solutions on the market?

  • the existence of over 85 operating parameters that are structured on six hierarchical levels, that can be configured by general rules, specific rules and exceptions, where appropriate
  • 50 types of logistics services automatically recorded. FluxVision WMS automatically records over 50 types of services related to activities such as receiving, picking, shipping, handling internal assembly, preparation or labeling. The measure unit is the basic unit for the count, or you can use alternative units such as mass or volume of products.
  • customizable interface for mobile terminals
  • high degree of configurability which enables customers to be operational in the shortest time
  • FluxVision is a cloud solution available of monthly or annually subscription

FluxVision is currently used by companies such as Frisbo or 360 Co-Packing.

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