3 Reasons to Adopt a Cloud Warehouse Management System

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In warehouse management every cent and every centimeter count. A cloud warehouse management system helps save both money and space, thus avoiding losses and keeping you competitive in a market in constant motion and development.

A cloud warehouse management solution provides an increased visibility over the storage operations, which helps you make decisions more quickly. With FluxVision WMS you also benefit of the security of data and a much lower cost of ownership, as the cloud solution is subscription based.

How does FluxVision WMS improve your storage operations? This is how!

Better control and growth perspectives

The way you control storage operations and inventory help grow your business. A cloud warehouse management solution gives you a detailed overview of stocks, they actualized automatically. You can watch through barcode readers every move in the warehouse, making this information available to all the interested parties within the organization.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the easy configuration. The over 70 parameters allow customers to make their own settings. It doesn’t get easier than this! In addition, the subscription-based availability allows you to be flexible and to adjust the number of users and transactions depending on the seasonality.

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Customer service as a competitive advantage

Imagine that a customer calls the support line and requests for information on the status of his order. An answer like “I do not know.” means losing the customer. Using interconnected systems, all the movements are recorded and available to any member of the team, even customers if they have access to the system.

Meeting the future needs without requiring additional investments

These interconnected solutions for warehouse management and inventory optimization, once implemented in an organization are more difficult to change. On the one hand because of the costs of the implementation, and on the other because of the duration and the effort spent in the process of choosing and implementing new systems and adapt them to new requirements.

By moving all of this into the cloud, data is digitized and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. In addition, the open API allows FluxVision WMS to exchange data with any other software solution. FluxVision WMS can be integrated with any e-commerce platform, ERP system and enables the exchange of information with the supply chain partners.

In conclusion, using FluxVision WMS deliver of the benefits above benefits and many more at a more than reasonable cost.

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