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Despite constant pressures (fuel prices, human resources, lack of investment in infrastructure and, above all, constant customer pressure in the area of ​​tariffs), and despite the massive growth of the industry, logistics service providers have to face these challenges, and create development opportunities.


Here are some of the most common challenges I have identified. We invite you to leave us a comment in which to tell us what are the needs and challenges you face.


Human resources

This is one of the most pressing challenges facing the 3PL industry, and not only, being a criticized and raised issue in most industries in Romania. Lack of staff leads to loss of efficiency and productivity.


Dedicated software 

In a logistics service company, tracking orders can be a difficult task, and 3PL logistics service companies only need to invest in a reporting system that fits business processes and is also cost-effective.


Fast and efficient communication

Poor communication and collaboration between logistics companies, carriers and end customers can have a negative effect on the proper functioning of the supply chain.


Specific requirements

This is a major challenge facing companies, which in some cases are unable to meet the specific logistical needs of shippers, such as packaging, on-time delivery, customer service, etc.



This is a major “pain” for logistics service companies in most developing countries in the world. Some of the problems they face may include poor road conditions, poor connectivity, inadequate air and sea transport capacity and the lack of developed modes of transport, such as railways, roads and the water transport system. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Trends in the logistics services market


In terms of trends in the logistics services market, there is a growing focus on technology. Logistics service companies are increasingly relying on technology for efficient collaboration and communication with customers. The technology that enables the digitization and automation of the industry is not only used to streamline performance and integrity, but also for increased operational flexibility and speed of change. Logistics service providers will increasingly discover the benefits of investing in smart software solutions, which can provide a competitive advantage. Specialized logistics software solutions help reduce costs, save time and increase the efficiency of operations.


In terms of experience gained by collaborating with our customers in the area of ​​logistics services, we offer software solutions that manage every phase of logistics processes, from supply to delivery to the customer.


FluxVision WMS, the state-of-the-art warehouse management solution, streamlines the activity by storing each batch of goods in the right location and by optimizing the stock rotation, thus contributing to increasing the company’s liquidity. Logistics processes optimized with the help of mobile devices offer multiple possibilities in terms of increasing turnover and market segment. In addition to software solutions, we also offer consulting services, because their choice and implementation is a strategic investment.

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