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Whether we are talking about distribution, retail or logistics services companies, their profitability is largely based on the efficiency and productivity of the warehouse. When it is well organized and the activities are carried out efficiently, the financial results are also commensurate.


Do a quality audit

To find out where I can make improvements to the way the warehouse currently operates and the logistics processes, you need to do a quality audit. Unfortunately, few business owners include an audit in their strategy. The warehouse audit must become a must-have, an annual process of reviewing productivity, the efficiency of warehouse processes, workflows.


Choose your KPIs

Warehouse performance indicators (KPI) are essential for determining the performance of the warehouse, processes, flows and operators. You don’t need too many indicators to have too many hassles with interpreting the numbers, but only the essential ones, from which you can tell at any time if things are going in the right direction.


We have identified a number of KPIs for the logistics services industry, but also performance indicators for the distribution industry. What other KPIs are you using?


Provide quality services

Customer care has an important impact on the profitability of the warehouse. A satisfied customer will recommend your services, thus generating more business.


Implement a Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)

One of the fastest ways to improve warehouse profitability, productivity and efficiency is to implement a WMS system. This solution allows you to manage every aspect of logistics operations, from receipt to delivery.


The results of the implementation of the FluxVision WMS system consist of reducing operational costs, eliminating errors, as well as opportunities for future growth.

  • Increased productivity. You can optimize every aspect of the warehouse activities by reducing costs and execution time.
  • Real-time monitoring. You can see at any time if the processes established for the proper functioning of the warehouse are followed.
  • Inventory control. The time when you could traditionally work with paper and pen is a long history. The change and evolution of businesses in recent years require the use of an automated inventory management system. It reduces the number of errors and the length of the inventory process.
  • Reduced costs. Handling costs are lower because manual tasks and repetitive and redundant actions are completely reduced or eliminated.
  • Customer satisfaction. With FluxVision WMS you can make sure at all times that you have a correct inventory and that you can meet the delivery time of orders to the customer.

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