Inventory Optimization

The optimal level of inventory aims to achieve the optimum effect, such as reduce expenditures and get bigger benefits. Therefore, storage costs should be kept as small as possible.

Inventory optimization takes into account the dynamics of supply – delivery under complete and intensive use of storage capacity.

Using FluxVision WMS system allows you to find the optimum size of inventory, accelerate the speed of rotation of current assets, reduce slow moving or no movement stocks, to remove unnecessary stocks, losses and degradation during storage and storage.

How much does it cost to implement FluxVision WMS?

Warehouse Management

Flux Vision WMS offers standardized handling procedures and a complete and automatic management of all activities taking place in the warehouse.

The advantages of using warehouse management system are:

  • Automatic recording of all movements in the warehouse via mobile devices running a data collection application
  • Custom rules and optimal use of storage space
  • 3D visualization of warehouse locations
  • Reducing handling time and increase order fulfillment
  • Quick inventory of all products in warehouse
  • Increasing productivity by establishing picking routes for operators

What’s FluxVision WMS

The WMS is part of an integrated system designed to control stocks and optimize warehouse operations.

FluxVision WMS monitors reception, storage, collection, shipment and inventory control as part of the procurement process, providing real-time information about the status of goods. As part of an ERP, the WMS system is interconnected with the customer order solution, thus achieving motion control inventories in the context of delivery and supply orders. FluxVision WMS is interconnected with various mobile devices such as scanners, barcode readers, industrial printers, etc.

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    Once the inventory gets optimized the warehouse gets management gets efficient on its own. To optimize the inventory there are various tools that can help optimize the inventory. Thanks for sharing this informative content.

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