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Distribution, transport and logistics companies must seize every opportunity to secure their future, and software solutions for logistics link processes and automate the supply chain and provide improved end-to-end visibility. Today’s times are extremely dynamic, processes are increasingly digitalized, integrated and automated to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

After the initial shock of the current crisis, all companies are forced to adapt quickly to new realities, and investments in new technologies and systems to optimize the activity are what allow them to do so. In just a few months, digitalization in logistics has become a necessity, taking into account the requirements of consumers and the market. Expectations are high, we want accessibility, transparency, 24/7 access to information and mechanisms to anticipate changes in delivery dates.


According to a study by Capgemini, companies are very enthusiastic about digitalization projects, paying particular attention to return on investment (ROI), keeping an average of 18%. This means a significant reduction in costs (as indicated by 77% of respondents) and an increase in revenue (56%), which are the main objectives of supply chain digitalization. An additional advantage is the rapid payback of investments in automation, which usually takes up to 12 months.


Software solutions for logistics efficiency


WiSoft Professional Services together with BITSoftware understands the importance of optimizing logistics processes, and the solutions we offer help reduce costs and optimize a wide range of processes: from order management, inventory control, to accelerating the supply chain.


Our software solutions for logistics can be integrated with any EDI, TMS, YMS application, as well as with hardware devices such as handhelds or industrial printers.


FluxVision is the WMS solution in the cloud, which automates and optimizes logistics flows, providing complete traceability.


WiData Inventory is the application that streamlines the process of inventory and management of fixed assets.


SocrateERP is the ERP solution in the cloud for efficiency in procurement, orders, accounting and document generation.


SocrateBI is the Cloud Business Intelligence solution that provides specific indicators and analysis.


Regardless of the industry and the type of activity, these solutions offer managers the key to the right decisions, always on time, based on concrete information, not just intuition. In an unpredictable business environment, the software solutions for logistics are indispensable.


For a broader discussion regarding the digitalization and efficiency needs of your business, but also a presentation of the solutions we offer, please contact us.

Want a more efficient warehouse? Ask for a FluxVision WMS presentation!

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