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Every day we have a limited amount of time, energy and attention. Did it seem to you at the end of the day that you didn’t use your time efficiently? Or that you wasted your energy and your attention was divided between the dozens of things you had to do? When time is one of the most valuable resources, how do you ensure that unproductive time in your warehouse decreases?


What is unproductive time?


The working time structure of the warehouse operator serves to analyze the share of productive and unproductive time categories, regulated and unregulated, detecting reserves to increase labor productivity by applying organizational measures and redesigning the balance of working time. executor during the regulated working day. It consists of productive and unproductive time. 


The productive time is the one in which the works necessary for the accomplishment of the work task are performed. Unproductive time means interruptions or that actions are performed that are not necessary for the performance of its work task.


How does FluxVision WMS support warehouse performance growth?


You can do optimization in a repository without WMS, but optimization will never reach the level of performance you can achieve with WMS. So, if you want to optimize your warehouse performance by reducing costs, then FluxVision WMS is the solution. As a general principle, a WMS helps staff to carry out their work faster, more correctly and much more controlled.


What optimizes FluxVision in the warehouse?

Picking faster and with minimal number of errors

FluxVision WMS picking route optimization algorithms help staff choose orders faster. It also minimizes the number of errors because no more inversions or misidentifications of products are made due to the fact that they are scanned.

Placing goods on shelves

This means that the goods will no longer be grouped by categories or suppliers but will be placed anywhere in the warehouse, the software knowing where they were placed and where they should be taken. This helps in a higher degree of loading of the warehouse.


You will always know who did what operation and what product the customer went to. This is because by scanning the software records the location, the product, the person, the order, the execution time.

Measurement of activities and processes and introduction of KPI performance indicators

You will always know, at a click away, what operations each operator in the warehouse has done and how efficient it is in reaching its target. You will also be able to link this to a bonus system.

Want a more efficient warehouse? Ask for a FluxVision WMS presentation!

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