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FluxVision, the Warehouse Management solution in the cloud, is now available in a new version that allows you to optimize your warehouse activities.

For all customers who need integration with courier platforms, we have completed the list of courier services with those offered by DHL and Sameday.

Also at the level of integrations, the FluxVision WMS integration has been extended with the possibility of automatic retrieval of information from electronic scales.

The algorithm for handling stock transactions for FIFO / LIFO locations has also been improved so that this indication is taken into account and so that the inputs are kept separately and the outputs are obtained from each individual entry.


Another interesting development is for customers in the recipe-based production area, who need to track their production using the scanner, directly from the production line. Thus, from now on, consumption can be introduced and finished products can be confirmed.


About FluxVision

The Cloud Warehouse Management solution that brings flexibility, speed and accuracy to your warehouse! FluxVision WMS is a key component in efficient warehouse management and inventory optimization. It optimizes all operations that take place in the warehouse, from receipt to delivery.


FluxVision turns all warehouse operations into simple, intuitive, paperless operations based on barcode identification.


FluxVision WMS helps you become profitable

FluxVision is the Warehouse Management System application developed on the SocrateCloud platform and is the first WMS cloud solution in Romania and among the first in Europe. FluxVision WMS automates warehouse activities and optimizes storage space, providing multiple functionalities designed to increase operator performance. The system transforms and organizes the way the warehouse works, ensuring complete traceability and rapid adaptation to changes in the market.


Key figures for FluxVision WMS

In the implementation projects in warehouses or distribution networks that use the FluxVision WMS solution, data were recorded such as:

  • 12,000 pallets delivered weekly from a single warehouse
  • 45,000 (SKU) managed items
  • Integrated and managed warehouse network from a single location; that is, in warehouses they operate only on mobile terminals, PCs exist only at headquarters
  • 3rd Party Logistic (3PL) delivery network with 150 customers totaling 40,000 orders per month
  • The shortest implementation was only 21 hours in 5 days
  • The largest distribution network managed with FluxVision WMS has 350 work points

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