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We are going through a period as complicated, as interesting, that forces us to reinvent ourselves and to be able to continue our activity from wherever we are. Distributors, as well as carriers, are some of the most sought after in recent years, and the past few weeks have shown us the importance of using cloud solutions to enable them not to block their activity and not to disappoint their customers.

You will probably wonder why I chose to talk about the thieves in the warehouse. Because they are the ones who do the most damage. I was reading a word that made me think about the topic for the blog. “Time, the biggest thieves of all”. Time means money, means more or less satisfied customers, it means orders sent on time (or not), it means productivity… Time affects the performance of the warehouse and the success of any business in the distribution area. How? Here are some of the most obvious areas.

Order processing time

One of the most important KPIs for warehousing is the duration of order fulfillment. By real-time guiding the operators of the warehouse, it reduces the time of execution and the accuracy of the deliveries, it reduces the errors in the warehouse, it reduces the costs due to the returns and it increases the loyalty of the customers.


Routes of operators in the warehouse

The use of mobile terminals by operators optimizes routes according to active criteria, which saves from the time allocated to operators for performing the picking operation, for example. It also reduces the wear and tear of the equipment, which means another saving of money.

Stack of papers in the warehouse

Transmission of information in electronic format increases the reaction speed of operators to new tasks in the warehouse, decreases the time needed to search for the data they need and reduces operating costs.


Data entry

Entering operational data by scanning barcodes also has a huge time benefit, but it also has other benefits related to eliminating errors when typing incorrectly.


Reports and performance indicators

No matter the complexity of the data, a cloud WMS provides access to all the information with a single click, no matter where you are. The warehouse and business management can be done from the warehouse, from the office or from a distance.


FluxVision is the cloud WMS solution that helps you remove thieves from the warehouse and manage your warehouse and business wherever you are.


Why is FluxVision different from all the other WMS software solutions?

Flexible pricing – Based on variable subscription, eliminates additional costs with licensing.

Open platform – Allows the integration of the warehouse management system with any other information systems.

Quick implementation – The high degree of configurability allows customers who opt for FluxVision WMS to be operational in the shortest time.

Easy configuration – Through the 85 editable functional parameters, FluxVision can be set directly by the client.

Real-time guidance – Warehouse operators are guided in real-time through the WiData module, which runs on any mobile device.


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