Logistic optimization, the source of the competitive advantage for 3PL companies

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If the logistics are handled properly, it becomes a means of gaining a competitive advantage and will not only cost. A warehouse that meets the special needs of customers is an essential part of the development strategy. How can it be optimized? Through increased visibility and control.


Logistics services companies need help with visibility and information management, which helps them achieve a much higher level of flexibility, reliability and efficiency.


A complete visibility from the entry of the goods into the warehouse until the exit to the customer, ensures that you can track and manage orders and transports efficiently. This way, you will be able to make the commitments that you know you can fulfill, both in terms of the promised quantities and the delivery time.


FluxVision WMS adds value to 3PL companies through:




FluxVision WMS comes with more flexibility and scalability, allowing for easier deployment. The ability to respond to rapidly changing requirements is essential for the modern business, and managing the cloud supply chain allows you to quickly, safely and very quickly deploy new services and capabilities to meet customer requirements.




For the end user, there are numerous benefits that FluxVision WMS brings with regard to efficiency, including a simple and intuitive user experience, fast access to accurate and real-time data. All information about what’s going on in the warehouse can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Easy integration


One of the biggest challenges of a traditional supply chain management model is the difficulty of integrating systems to ensure that information is consistent and easily accessible. Managing the cloud supply chain requires integration with all kinds of IT solutions (such as ERP systems, mobile devices, RFID and IoT devices, etc.) to enable real-time collaboration and full visibility, which has an impact on efficiency. and productivity.


Cost efficiency


FluxVision WMS is a cloud solution, which means that organizations opting for our solution will not need to make investments in equipment to host the software, nor any future investments for upgrades. Also, developing new capabilities and other adaptations is much less expensive than on-premise solutions.


These are just some of the advantages that our solution brings to the companies in the 3PL area. FluxVision is a state-of-the-art WMS solution tailored to your needs. For a personalized presentation, we invite you to request a meeting with one of our specialists.

Want a more efficient warehouse? Ask for a FluxVision WMS presentation!

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