The benefits of integrating the online store with ERP and WMS solutions

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The integration of the online store with ERP and WMS systems automates information transfers, freeing users from a lot of routine work.


E-commerce has evolved surprisingly, and will continue to do so in the future. Nowadays, changes are happening faster and faster, and companies that want to remain competitive must always adapt. How? By integrating the online store with ERP and WMS solutions. This way, you will be able to optimize your business processes, reduce costs and get the competitive advantages you need for the success of the business you run.


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By integrating the online store with SocrateERP & FluxVision WMS you get the following benefits:


Automatic stock update 


Avoid the situation where customers order products without knowing if they are in stock or not. The stock information displayed on the site must be updated frequently so that it matches that in the inventory management system.


All details about orders and sales can be viewed immediately in the ERP system. Therefore, you will be able to plan your next purchases accurately and you will know exactly how to manage your stocks, so as to reduce your costs and have a clear picture of the quantity, value and location of the products sold.


Automatic price update


Change the prices in ERP and they will be updated automatically in the online store as well.

If you supply frequently, have suppliers with fluctuating prices or simply take into account the evolution of the exchange rate, the manual updating of prices on the site is out of the question, especially if you sell tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of products. Price updates can be done automatically, as often as needed.


Transfer orders from the online store to ERP


Save hundreds or thousands of hours a year if you no longer have to manually enter every order and every line on your order into ERP. Through this integration between the online store and SocrateERP:

  • You can have all your orders gathered in one place, no matter where they come from – from the online store or received from customers by email or phone
  • Orders automatically enter the ERP, from where you can generate invoices
  • It is generated from the ERP system and AWBs by integrating with courier platforms
  • Orders are automatically associated with existing customers


Faster business decisions and better control over operations


SocrateERP allows you to generate any report you need to make informed business decisions and have the right overview of your business. In addition, decision-makers will be able to access reports immediately and will always be properly informed. This will allow effective control over operations.


Digitizing operations and optimizing e-commerce processes allows you to attract more customers, retain existing ones and grow your business. SocrateERP and FluxVision WMS are the ideal solutions if you want to reduce costs, access real-time information and provide customers with a personalized experience.

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