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The integration of a WMS (warehouse management system) is the solution if you want to improve and streamline warehouse processes, so that the entire supply chain is more efficient, significantly reducing human errors.


FluxVision WMS automates the flow of supply, reception, storage, collection and delivery of products and also monitors and centralizes the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, providing real-time inventory information. Challenges in the activity of a warehouse can occur in any of the stages of the supply chain, and the integration of a warehouse management solution provides solutions for optimizing processes at any stage.

Process orders faster and make more deliveries

Order processing and shipment of goods is the stage in which most human errors and delays occur. The integration of a WMS solution allows faster processing of a larger number of orders, visualization of the actual adjusted stock, traceability of each action and movements in the stock and also allows the whole team access to the information needed to process the order. 

Receive goods much faster, without errors

In the absence of a WMS type automation solution, the reception of the goods is difficult, the verification of the order being done with the pen on paper, which leads to a high risk of human errors. The integration of a WMS solution and dedicated technology (scanners, mobile terminals, industrial tablets) allows the use of barcodes, the products can be verified much easier and quickly introduced into the management program. The process is optimized, human errors are significantly reduced, and the processed goods are sold immediately.

Optimize storage space

The way the goods are stored on the shelf often leads to delays in processing orders, due to the difficult picking process. The organization of the space with the help of AI technology increases the efficiency of the whole process, the goods being allocated to the shelf according to rotation, not according to categories or suppliers. The software will always know exactly where they were placed and where they should be taken from. This helps a higher degree of loading of the warehouse, but also a more efficient picking process, which can be performed at the piece, box, box or pallet level.

Inventory in real time without stopping the activity of the warehouse

Making inventory is a time consuming process, and in the absence of automation, it can even lead to the total blockage of a business. With the integration of a WMS in the daily activity, the inventory and updating of stocks will be done in real time, and the results can be viewed as the inventory is made. The inventory operation can be performed in several ways: by stock locations, by areas, by management, by owner, designating one or more inventory teams, while having accurate information about the date of entry and expiration of products. The use of RFID codes helps to significantly reduce the time allotted for this activity, ensuring the accuracy of the data.

Make better informed business decisions

For the business to remain profitable, you need to constantly plan for the future, not just focus on the present. However, most of the time, the business owner does not have the time or resources to process and go through inventory reports and to come up with information quickly on demand forecasting or business planning. A WMS solution helps you automatically generate reports for sales, production, packaging and more. With this data available, you can analyze business performance effectively.

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