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One of the most serious challenges in distribution is the organization of returns. Especially in the B2C distribution, according to the law, consumers can return within 30 days the purchased goods. The period during which goods can be returned has increased, especially in recent years, which has led to a challenge in this area of ​​return management.


The return procedure is not standard

The return procedure is not standard. It differs from brand to brand, so the ability to automate processes is quite limited. Employee intake is, in this case, quite important, so that they have to be permanently trained and must be provided with tailored return procedures adapted to each case so that they can be received correctly. Careful.


High expectations from customers

When the customer returns a product, he expects a clear, short and painful process for him. Thus, the whole process must be smooth, from requesting a return, validation, delivery of the return by the courier and until a smooth return of the money.


Returns management in the warehouse

As mentioned earlier, return logistics is the heaviest part of automated warehouse, because it is not possible to predict certain elements in the process, such as the number of returns per day, week or month, or the individual returns examination for each case by case.


In order for this return process to be as smooth and fast as possible, we recommend that the return management department be equipped with ERP and WMS systems that allows for order-return correlation by automatically retrieving and transmitting information. In addition, employees should have return management skills in all systems used by the company

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