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For those working in the logistics sector, the most important issues for the year 2019 will be sales growth, increased market share and customer loyalty. Nothing complicated, is it? 🙂


Loyal customers

In order to be loyal to customers, we need to consider not only the price, but the customer experience per total. The Omnichannel has already become an aspect for several years that those who want to offer multiple possibilities for customers to buy, giving them more channels. Omnichannel brings benefits to the customer by streamlining the procurement process, but for the vendor it may happen that some orders are unprofitable. It is necessary to use a cost analysis solution, not just to understand the needs and behaviors of customers, but also to make a classification of products and see which ones are successful and not.


Cloud domination

Quick access, performance and flexibility of solutions continue to gain ground in the face of traditional logistics solutions. The benefits of a cloud-based WMS solution allow users to respond faster to customer requests and managers have access to information at any time to help them make quicker decisions to improve performance.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can process impressive amounts of data, which then translates them into results. There is so much information in the logistics field that IA is needed for their interpretation. By applying algorithms, the “processor” can analyze and digest the data, and then act as needed. AI may even learn from past behavior, allowing companies to make more documented recommendations due to predictive analysis, and this is essential for increasing efficiency.


Equipment connected to IoT

If you purchase equipment, you expect them to be ready for use and allow you to connect to the internet. The trend for this year is that these devices have intelligent sensors, and with their help the manual activity is reduced. Thus, the volume of activity will increase and the gains will be bigger.

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