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Warehouse performance indicators are essential to determine the performance of your warehouse, processes, flows, and operators. You do not need too many indicators to have too many headaches with the interpretation of figures, but just the essential ones, to figure out at any time whether things are going in the right direction.

With FluxVision WMS, you can track real-time vital indicators in warehouse management and intervene whenever needed.


Stocking capacity

Depending on the stocking capacity of the warehouse, you will have higher or lower incomes and you can be profitable or not.


Organization of storage locations

Putting some shelves in a warehouse, that’s what anyone does. Having a warehouse organization and optimized processes is harder and can not be done by anyone. FluxVision is able to suggest where to place the goods with a larger stock rotation so that the routes inside the warehouse are shorter and the order preparation time is optimized.


Productivity of warehouse operators

Through guided operations, FluxVision can show you in real-time the level of performance at warehouse, company, management, item, or type of motion.


Equipment productivity

As with operators, FluxVision shows the performance of equipment in the warehouse, company, management, item, or motion type.


Both the productivity of the operators and the warehouse equipment have a great influence on both the profitability and the satisfaction of the customers. A more productive resource means low costs and a satisfied customer due to costs but also because the orders are complete and timely.


These are just a few of the performance indicators that you have access to through the FluxVision solution. This allows you to have an improved view of the operations carried out and to quantify how the deposit works in relation to the set targets.

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