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Making investments in solutions that can help you optimize and control the flow of materials needed for all phases of production is indispensable. Using a WMS system also helps track stocks and feed production lines with the necessary items and in the right quantities so there is no interruption or slowdown on the production chain.

FluxVision WMS for a competitive advantage

Given that no production company can boast that it has exclusivity on a particular niche, and alternatives can occur at any time, runtime and delivery time is a critical point.

The competitive advantage is not in the realization of a product that no one else can offer, but the ability to be informed at any time about the activity in the production area, to quickly make changes when necessary and to optimize operational and logistic costs.

Just-in-time delivery without large amounts of money locked in stocks

Monitoring and optimizing stockpiles of raw materials is a very important aspect for any manufacturer, regardless of the niche, because it has a great influence on the company’s liquidity.

FluxVision WMS is the perfect solution for the logistics manager or supply manager, because it provides real-time information on the actual inventory of the warehouse, which, in conjunction with the production area required, helps to determine the supply needs without there are situations of over-stock or lack of stock.

Improved traceability for both raw materials and finished goods

Any manufacturer has an obligation to maintain a traceability of the origin of the raw material he uses to make the finished goods. According to the requirements for ISO certification, FluxVision WMS ensures the traceability of the raw material to the sub-assemblies and finished goods, from registration to delivery and delivery to the customer.

FluxVision WMS is a key component in efficient warehouse management and inventory optimization. This optimizes all the operations that take place in the warehouse, from reception to delivery. The FluxVision application turns all warehouse operations into simple, intuitive and paperless operations.

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