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Did you even find yourself in any of the situations below?

  • Does the competition grow bigger?
  • Manufacturers prefer to start selling directly to the final customer?
  • Large traders manage their inventory inventory management systems?
  • Is your market share in jeopardy?

What can you do to increase warehouse efficiency?

  • Use smarter storage space
  • Monitor stocks
  • Increase delivery accuracy

The right warehouse solution can help you optimize all your logistics processes!

Use wisely your storage space

There are a few steps you can take to use storage space as efficiently as possible, from inventory optimization, reducing access grid widths, shelving and improving storage utilization to minimize honeycomb effect.

Monitor your inventory

Centralizing data into a single system helps you make well-informed decisions in the shortest possible time. Use a dashboard to monitor warehouse activity and track order status and deliveries in real time. A real-time inventory helps you avoid stock shortage so you can fulfill your customer orders on time. You will have a clear picture of the products you have in stock, transit or order from the supplier or the manufacturer.

Increase delivery accuracy

Automate the pick & pack process to eliminate potential errors and increase its efficiency. Track stocks in real-time across the supply chain and avoid stock shortage.

FluxVision WMS for distribution is an advanced solution for managing all the activities within the warehouse, with the main objective of making these activities more efficient. The system is developed on the latest technology and is natively integrated with SocrateCloud, the business platform that provides an economic management solution – ERP, Customer Relationship Management – CRM and Business Intelligence – BI, easy to use that supports business performance.

FluxVision WMS, the dedicated warehouse management solution for distribution networks, provides operational control and decision support.

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