What features should the WMS solution for 3PL logistics operators include?

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Unlike traditional warehouse distributors with a WMS, when considering the possibility of purchasing or upgrading a WMS solution, 3PL logistics operators must also consider other additional features, such as customer billing management, personalized documents, communication and visibility, access for logistics customers and integration with software solutions that they use.

3PL operators manage a diverse and ever changing range of logistics services, being a central point in the supply chain. To manage all these services, to accurately record the data and to transmit the data in real time to all parties involved, 3PL companies need IT management solutions. One of these solutions is the warehouse management system, which in the case of 3PL operators must include certain functionalities.


Management of billing of services according to the client

This is a necessary functionality in any 3PL activity, which adds value to the WMS solution. The use of such a module implies both a reduction of the time of calculation and invoicing of the services, as well as a high accuracy of the amounts invoiced. From the point of view of the use of resources, a 3PL operator would need 1-2 people and a maximum of two hours / day / man to perform the billing, taking into account the calculation method of each client and service.


FluxVision WMS for 3PL logistics operators allows the system to be set up for different types of tariffs on a service offered, for each individual client. Once the necessary settings have been made, the billing process becomes just a routine of the software. This will avoid the use of excel files, as the time effort to maintain such files is considerable.


Personalized documents

Due to the increasing needs of customers, 3PL operators are forced to adopt their “image” in front of final customers. We speak here from the personalization of the emails to the specific of the client in front of the suppliers and the clients, and to personalized printed documents.


For example, pallet labels with the customer’s logo and logo or accompanying documents customized according to the customer. This is no longer considered an exception in the relationship between the 3PL operator and its client, but has become a rule. FluxVision WMS allows for such configurations according to their respective customers, giving users the ability to create, for example, custom pallet labels for all existing logistics customers, even if each of them has different requirements, different logo or fields with different information.


The FluxVision application transforms all operations from the warehouse into simple, intuitive and paperless operations, based on identification by reading barcodes. FluxVision WMS has a wide range of functionalities designed to solve the challenges of 3PL logistics operators. For more details or for a personalized presentation, we invite you to set up a meeting with one of our specialists.

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