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In order to achieve sales and profit goals, it is essential that the right items are available at the right location. However, given the increasing complexity of modern organizations, inventory planning has never been more important or difficult to execute.


With the increase in volume, the number of assortments and sales channels, FluxVision WMS allows companies to optimize their stocks and, at the same time, to have as efficient a procurement process as possible, it calculates for each item, exactly when and as much as you need to order to reach the desired level of service. Depending on your sales history, expected demand, and current stock status, you can optimize orders to make sure the right items are in the right place at the right time.


Calculation of safety stock

To ensure the desired level of service for unforeseen requests, the buffer stock or the safety stock for each product must be calculated. You can optimize stocks by:

  • Reconsideration of optimal quantities plus ordering times
  • Optimization of the requirement for all items according to the demand for each sales channel
  • Optimizing the steps of introducing and removing articles based on product life cycle management


Stock planning

In order to ensure a profitable omnichannel operation, it is very important to maintain a high level of availability for all sales channels. However, considering the fact that many companies have a very varied assortment, it is very difficult to determine which products should be kept in stock and which are not.


Order management

By calculating optimal order quantities, companies can make more money. Once the order has been placed it is very important that it is delivered in full and on time. Better order management allows companies to see what purchase orders can be delayed and thus to act accordingly.


FluxVision WMS is a key component in efficient warehouse management and inventory optimization. This optimizes all the operations that take place in the warehouse, from the reception to the delivery. FluxVision transforms all warehouse operations into simple, intuitive and paperless operations, based on identification by reading barcodes. For more details or for a personalized presentation, we invite you to set up a meeting with one of our specialists.

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